I'm very pleased to meet you, and welcome you to the business and lifestyle I dreamt of, prayed over, and worked my tail off since 2018, to manifest. It is truly my vision, come to life. I'm Lovely Taylor; Russell's wife, and mom of a seven year old. Professionally, I'm a Licensed Mental Health Practitioner (LMHP), and owner of LOVE, LLC. I'm a graduate of Omaha Central High School, and the Bellevue University Masters of Clinical Counseling program.

I find joy in painting, cooking, and singing. Joy matters, especially compared to the amount of trauma many of us have experienced. One pivotal event can throw a person off track for decades. I've seen the difference one therapy session can have on a person's ability to find joy. When you can envision joy, it becomes a goal to reach for. I think of LOVE, as "living our vision everyday." It's my professional commitment to  help someone reach for their joy, through the work of therapy, every day.